Graham Weller Roles and responsibilities: Reporting on the Foundations progress; Liaison with Archery GB; Project Management of the Foundations Projects; Maintaining links with the Archery Trade; Joint management of Bids and Foundation Grants.

Kath Fitzpatrick Roles and responsibilities: Managing Publicity of the Foundation; Joint Management of Bids and Foundation Grants; Liaising with Clubs and the  Grass Roots of Archery; liaison with Regional Foundation Volunteers.

Graham Potts Roles and responsibilities: TBA

Tim Jackson Roles and responsibilities: TBA

Tony Nilsen Roles and responsibilities: TBA

Patron of the Archery Foundation

Olympic Archer Larry Godfrey

Larry+GodLarry G Small


Volunteers with Responsibilities

Lynne Evans MBE – The Archery Foundations Company Secretary :-

Dave Jones – Webmaster

Patron of the Archery Foundation 

Paralympic Archer Mel Clarke

Mel 2