Archery GB AGM Update


Our own Anne Ross provides us with some more information about the recent Archery GB AGM.

The morning’s presentation went well and was very organised. Graham was second to present, and he certainly seemed to have made a great impact with his speech on The Archery Foundation and was very well received by the audience.
They generally seemed excited about the presence of a new charitable body to endorse Archery and create that bigger awareness, after all it’s not every day that a new organisation like ours comes along.
Graham Waller presenting The Archery Foundation branding at the Archery GB AGM

Graham Waller presenting The Archery Foundation branding at the Archery GB AGM

As everyone in the room was committed to archery both as a sport and a force for positive influence in peoples lives, it’s no surprise that when¬†Graham presented our forthcoming plans and the upcoming project relating to the National Deaf Children’s Society, he generated much interest and people seemed really enthusiastic.
At the end of the morning’s presentation, Anne gave out the questionnaires, these were also received in a positive manner and ¬†Anne happily reported that “people were genuinely keen to take them.”
As the day went on and all of the other exciting aspects of the AGM commenced we were happy to have a good number of completed questionnaires handed in along with many offers of help and support from the archery community.
The day also saw a range of awards for members of the archery community, our own Graham Waller received an honorary membership from Archery GB, topping what was already a great day for our small charity.